Whatsapp Pricing Calculator

Whatsapp Pricing Calculator​

Say hello to the WhatsApp Pricing Calculator! It’s like a budgeting buddy for businesses using WhatsApp. Just pop in how many conversations you plan to have, and voilà – it’ll tell you the cost. Simple!

So, what’s a conversation? Imagine it like a chat session. When businesses use WhatsApp API, they’re charged based on how many of these chats they have with their customers. Each chat begins when you send a message and sticks around for 24 hours. Any messages during that time count as part of that same chat. But if you send a message after 24 hours, a new chat starts, and the cost adjusts.

Give it a try! Check out the WhatsApp Business pricing calculator and find out what your messaging journey might cost. Time to crunch those numbers.

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WhatsApp Calculator
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