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Agent Dashboard Tab

The Agent Dashboard tab is a key feature of the Spechy app, providing agents with a personalized and customizable view of their tasks and activities. This tab allows agents to efficiently manage their tickets, calls, conversations, and user status. Let’s explore the different components and customization options available in the Agent Dashboard tab:

Edit Icon

Within the Agent Dashboard tab, you will find an Edit icon. Clicking on this icon enables you to customize the current agent dashboard according to your preferences. You have the flexibility to add or exclude specific elements such as tickets, calls, conversations, and user status from your dashboard. This customization feature allows you to tailor the dashboard to your specific needs and focus on the most relevant information for your role.


The Tickets section in the Agent Dashboard tab provides agents with an overview of their assigned tickets. Agents can view and manage their tickets, track their progress, and ensure timely resolution. This section allows agents to stay organized and prioritize their ticket-related tasks effectively.


By selecting the Calls option in the Edit icon menu, agents can access a comprehensive view of all the calls they have made. This section displays call logs, call duration, and other relevant call details. Agents can review their call history, access call recordings, and analyze their call performance. This feature helps agents track their communication activities and improve their call handling skills.


Similar to the Calls section, the Conversations section in the Agent Dashboard tab allows agents to manage their ongoing conversations with customers. Agents can view and respond to messages, ensuring timely and effective communication. This section provides a centralized location for agents to handle customer conversations, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

User Status

The User Status feature in the Agent Dashboard tab allows agents to set their availability status and track the time spent in each status. Agents can choose to be online, offline, or any other available status. This feature helps agents manage their availability for incoming calls, messages, and conversations, ensuring efficient resource allocation and effective customer support. Agents can also view the duration they have spent in each user status, allowing them to analyze their availability patterns and make adjustments as needed.

Customization and Creating New Dashboards

In addition to customizing the current agent dashboard, agents also have the option to create new dashboards. This feature allows agents to create multiple dashboards tailored to different aspects of their work. By creating new dashboards, agents can have a personalized view of their tasks, calls, conversations, and user status, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

The Agent Dashboard tab in Spechy empowers agents to manage their tasks, calls, conversations, and user status effectively. By customizing the dashboard and creating new ones, agents can personalize their view and focus on the most relevant information for their role. This enhances their productivity, improves customer service, and contributes to overall operational success.

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