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Reminders Tab

The Reminders tab in Spechy is a powerful feature that allows users to efficiently manage and keep track of their reminders. This document provides an overview of the Reminders tab, its functionality, and how to effectively use it.

Accessing the Reminders Tab

To access the Reminders tab, navigate to the left sidebar in Spechy and click on the “Reminders” option. A dropdown menu will appear, displaying two options: “All Reminders” and “My Reminders.”

All Reminders

When selecting the “All Reminders” option, users will be directed to a page that displays all reminders available in the system. This page includes various features to enhance the user experience.

At the top of the All Reminders page, there is a search bar that allows users to search for specific reminders based on keywords or criteria. This feature enables users to quickly find the desired reminder among a large number of entries.


Next to the search bar, there is a filter option that enables users to refine their search results further. Users can apply filters based on criteria such as reminder type, assigned user, date, and outbound channel. This functionality helps users narrow down their search and find specific reminders based on specific parameters.

Switch for Completed/Not Completed Reminders

On the All Reminders page, there is a switch that allows users to toggle between viewing all reminders and viewing only the not completed ones. This feature provides users with the flexibility to focus on pending tasks and prioritize their work effectively.

Creating a New Reminder

To create a new reminder, users can click on the “Create New Reminder” button, typically located at the top or bottom of the All Reminders page. When creating a new reminder, users can specify the following details:

  • Name: Users can provide a name for the reminder, which helps in identifying and organizing reminders effectively.
  • Type: Users can categorize the reminder as either a contact or a company, depending on the nature of the reminder.
  • Assigned User: Users can assign the reminder to another user or multiple users within the system. This feature facilitates collaboration and ensures that the right individuals are responsible for completing the reminder.
  • Date: Users can select a specific date for the reminder, indicating when it needs to be completed.
  • Outbound Channel: Users can choose the outbound channel for the reminder, such as email, SMS, or WhatsApp. This selection determines the mode of communication for the reminder.

Adding a Note

In addition to the above details, users have the option to add a note to the reminder. This feature allows users to include additional information or instructions related to the reminder, providing context and clarity to the assigned user(s).

Exporting Reminders

Spechy’s Reminders tab offers the convenient functionality of exporting reminders. Users can export their reminders to external file formats, such as CSV or Excel, for further analysis or sharing purposes. This feature allows users to have a backup of their reminders or utilize the data in other applications or systems.

My Reminders Tab

In addition to the All Reminders tab, Spechy’s Reminders feature includes a separate tab called “My Reminders.” This tab specifically displays all the reminders that have been assigned to the user. The My Reminders tab offers a similar interface and functionality as the All Reminders tab, providing a personalized view of reminders that require the user’s attention.

Users can access the My Reminders tab by selecting it from the dropdown menu in the Reminders tab’s left sidebar. Upon entering the My Reminders tab, users will find a familiar layout, including the search bar, filter options, and the switch for completed/not completed reminders. This consistency in interface design ensures a seamless user experience and allows users to navigate between the All Reminders and My Reminders tabs effortlessly.

By utilizing the My Reminders tab, users can focus solely on the reminders assigned to them, enabling them to prioritize their tasks and efficiently manage their workload. The ability to view and interact with reminders specific to the user enhances productivity and ensures that important deadlines and actions are not overlooked.

In conclusion, Spechy’s Reminders tab provides users with a comprehensive toolset to manage and organize their reminders effectively. With features such as search, filter, switch for completed/not completed reminders, the ability to create new reminders with various specifications, exporting reminders, and the dedicated My Reminders tab, users can streamline their workflow and ensure timely completion of tasks.

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