Increase Sales with Digital Customer Service

Maximize your sales potential with Spechy's digital customer service solutions. Our advanced call center software and CRM tools help streamline communication and improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales for your business.
Audience segmentation

Intelligently Target Customers

Spechy's customer relationship management software allows you to intelligently target your customers by gathering and analyzing data on their preferences and buying habits. Our powerful tools enable you to create personalized marketing campaigns and improve customer retention. With Spechy, you can make informed decisions on who to target and when resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue. Upgrade your customer targeting strategy with Spechy and see the difference it makes in your business.

Speak Your Customer’s Language

Effective communication is key to building strong customer relationships, and at Spechy, we understand the importance of speaking your customer's language. Our call center software and CRM tools support multiple languages, allowing your team to communicate with customers in their preferred language. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps to increase trust and loyalty to your brand. With Spechy, you can speak the language of your customers, resulting in enhanced customer service and increased sales.
Customer Language
Be with customers

Be with customers

At Spechy, we believe in providing the best possible customer service. Our call center software and CRM tools are designed to help your team lend a helping hand to your customers. Our advanced features such as live chat, video call, messaging, call forwarding, and automatic call routing make it easy for your team to quickly connect with customers and provide assistance. We also provide comprehensive training and support to ensure your team is equipped to handle any customer inquiry. With Spechy, you can give your customers the help they need, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales.

How Spechy helped increase conversion 440%

Spechy's advanced call center software and CRM tools helped one of our clients increase their conversion rate by 440%. By using our features such as call tracking and call recording, the client was able to improve their sales pitch and identify areas of improvement. Our automated call routing also helped reduce wait times for customers and improve overall customer satisfaction. With Spechy, you too can see a significant increase in conversions and revenue for your business.
Increase Sales
Close More Deals with Higher-Touch Engagements

Go beyond Talking

Spechy's give you the ability to move beyond chat and increase higher-touch engagements with your customers. Our features such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter, voice call, video call enable you to have more meaningful conversations with your customers, resulting in more closed deals. With Spechy, you can take your customer engagements to the next level and see the difference it makes in your sales.

We are increasing conversation with your customers.

Video & Screen Sharing 98%
Audio & Screen Sharing 78%
Chat & Screen Sharing 69%
Video 56%
Only Chat 32%
Audio 28%

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