ChannelLess Architecture

One Seamless Customer Experience that Eliminates the Disconnect

Focus on the full customer engagement, not any specific channel

What Do We Mean by ChannelLess

ChannelLess Architecture integrates all communications to seamlessly work together at every level, enabling:

ChannelLess Architecture—What Omnichannel Was Meant to Be

Overcome silos and limitations of fragmented solutions to provide seamless 5-star customer experiences in every channel

While Omnichannel solutions support multiple channels on a platform, they still treat each as a separate silo, leading to re-starts for customers and complexity for managers.

Spechy's ChannelLess Architecture seamlessly enables multiple channels within a single engagement, streamlining experiences for customers, agents, and managers

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Persistent context and visual collaboration with Live Observation and CoBrowsing

Unified administration as well as engagement data across all digital channels

Fragmented Solutions Deliver Fragmented Experiences

Imagine a visitor in a live chat unable to resolve their needs within the channel; they are typically forced to break the connection and start over on the phone. This creates unnecessary friction, frustration, and abandonments.

“78% of consumers will abandon a transaction because of a poor customer experience—like having to make a phone call and duplicating the whole process again.”

ChannelLess Flexibility Delivers One Seamless Experience

ChannelLess DCS eliminates such dead-ends so the same visitor can easily escalate to (or even start with) OnScreen Voice to keep the conversation moving forward without interruption for higher satisfaction and conversions.

“92% of consumers are likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience”

Across All Channels—Messaging, Phone, OnScreen Voice & Video

Deliver A Seamless Digital Experience

Provide Better Customer Service Across the Entire Digital Engagement

Continuous Connection

Continuous Connection

Seamless transitions between channels provides a consistent experience.

Deeper Insight

Deeper Insight

Live Observation and Persistent Context across all channels promotes greater clarity and effectiveness.

Guided Engagement

Guided Engagement

Guiding visitors with CoBrowsing boosts Customer Experience (CX) AND Employee Experience (EX).

Single Source of Data

Single Source of Data

Spechy’s ChannelLess Architecture removes siloes for a single source of data across all touch points

Holistic Data

Holistic Data

Supervisors see holistic contact center data in real-time to make data-driven decisions

Optimize Operations

Optimize Operations

Administrators gain business insights to data trends that help them optimize operations

ChannelLess Advantages

How Can Seamless Digital Customer Service Help You?

Focus on What Customers Need

Spechy’s Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform allows you to meet customers where they are and easily transition between channels, removing friction points that can lead to frustration and drive up abandonment rates.

Empower Your Team to Be More Strategic

Give reps the ability to ‘follow’ and guide customers throughout their entire digital journey and show them how to address their issues now and in the future, leading to more satisfying experiences for everyone.

Future-Proof Customer Service

The modular, cloud-based solution gives you access to the latest innovations. No constant upgrades. No disruption to how you provide customer service. Add channels, capabilities and use cases as your needs grow now and into the future.

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