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Call List Tab

The Call List tab in the Spechy app provides a comprehensive overview of all call activities. Here’s how to use the Call List tab:

Accessing the Call List Tab

On the left sidebar of the Spechy app, locate and click on the “Call List” option. This will open the Call List tab.

Campaign Calls

Under the Call List tab, you will find the “Campaign Calls” option in the dropdown menu. Clicking on “Campaign Calls” will display all the campaign calls. You can view the details of each call, including the date, time, and the agent who handled the call.

Missed Call List

Also in the dropdown menu, you will find the “Missed Call List” option. Clicking on “Missed Call List” will display all the missed calls.

Using the Search Bar and Switch

You can use the search bar to find specific calls. There is a switch labeled “Not Called” and “Called”. Use this switch to filter the calls based on whether they have been returned or not.

Viewing Call History

Click on the “History” button to view the call history for each missed call.

Exporting Contacts

In the Missed Call List, there is an “Export” button. Click on this button to export the contacts you have filtered. You can use this feature to create a list of contacts for future reference or for further action.

The Call List tab provides a comprehensive view of call activities, allowing you to monitor and manage all calls effectively. It is a powerful tool for ensuring efficient communication and customer service.

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