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Top Bar and its Features

When you log into the Spechy app, you will notice a top bar along with a left bar and the main app interface in the middle. In this section, we will explore the different features available in the top bar.

Quick Add Icon

Located on the left side of the top bar, you will find a plus icon. By clicking on this icon, you can quickly add tickets, contacts, companies, and more. Simply select the desired option from the drop-down menu to add the respective item.

Calendar Icon

Next to the Quick Add icon, you will find another icon that opens the calendar. The calendar feature allows you to schedule appointments and invite people to those appointments. Stay organized and manage your time effectively using this convenient feature.

Conversation Icon

Adjacent to the calendar icon, you will find the conversation icon. Clicking on this icon will direct you to the conversations panel, where you can view all ongoing conversations. You can also see if any conversations have been assigned to you, ensuring that you stay up to date with your communication.

Language Dropdown

On the right side of the top bar, you will find the language dropdown. This feature allows you to change the language of your Spechy app interface. Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu to customize your user experience.

Dark Mode Icon

Next to the language dropdown, you will find the dark mode icon. By clicking on this icon, you can switch between dark mode and light mode. Choose the mode that suits your preference and enjoy a visually pleasing interface.

Adjacent to the dark mode icon, you will find the global search feature. This powerful search tool allows you to search for anything within your Spechy app account database. Whether it’s tickets, contacts, companies, or any other information, simply enter your search query and find what you need quickly.

User Status

Next to the global search, you will find the user status indicator. This feature allows you to set your status within the app. When your status is set to “online,” you will receive call messages and chats. However, if you set your status to any other option, such as “offline,” you will not receive any new conversations or calls. Manage your availability and choose the appropriate status for your workflow.

Profile Icon

Finally, on the far right of the top bar, you will find the profile icon. Clicking on this icon will open a dropdown menu displaying various options. You can view your ping, check your plan details, and find the option to log out from your Spechy account.

Take advantage of these features in the top bar to enhance your productivity and customize your Spechy experience according to your preferences.

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